Short walk 1

About 7Km / 4 miles 1hr 30m

A Start (and finish) at the Memorial Hall on High Street, Haxey.

B Short walk down the road to the old railway line, now called The Greenway.

C Walk down the line for about 600m to where the  to track rises to the road by the school. Cross straight over to rejoin The Greenway

D Walk straight down The Greenway for a further 1Km and then turn sharp left down steep steps to Rocket Lane. (The steps are very steep, take care)

E At the junction of Rocket lane and Turbary Road, turn right.

F About 50m past Skyer’s Farm turn left.

G Continue south past Haslam’s farm (Lots of old agricultural machinery) until you meet the main wide track where you turn left again.

H After walking about 700m with farm buildings on your left take a sharp right down a narrow fenced track and then across two fields.

I At the junction on the lane turn left walking until you cross straight over The Nooking and then straight down Vinehall Road back to The Memorial Hall.

Short walk 1  PDF click to download