Haxey Parish Walkers are Welcome organisation

With the strong support of the Haxey Parish Council and North Lincolnshire County Council we set up this group as part of the national initiative, Walkers are Welcome. More information on this national organisation can be found here at www.walkersarewelcome.org.uk

The purposes of our group are several and not limited to these:

  • To promote walking as a healthy and entertaining activity for our local residents and for visitors.
  • To identify repairs and improvements to be made to our network of footpaths.
  • To support local businesses by attracting visitors to the area.

In order to do these things we need as much support as we can get and a group of members, either individuals or organisations, who will undertake the work needed. The tasks are not especially time consuming or onerous but you may be able to get some sense of that from the constitution below.

As you will see from the constitution we hold at least four meetings each year. The notes from the last general / committee meeting and the date of the next (with agenda within 10 days of the meeting) are here.

Constitution of Haxey Parish Walkers are Welcome adopted in the general meeting on 18th January 2018

1. The overall aim of Haxey WaW will be to promote Haxey Parish for the purpose of recreational walking for the benefit of local residents, visitors and the tourism economy of the Isle of Axholme
2. Haxey WaW will only take responsibility for monitoring rights of way within the Haxey Parish boundary.
3. Haxey WaW will work to improve access for all for the purpose of the enjoyment of our local countryside and facilities.
4. Haxey WaW will be responsible for ensuring that Haxey Parish continues to meet the criteria set nationally for “Walkers are Welcome” status.
5. We will seek to promote the maintainance and improvement of facilities for walkers through Haxey Parish Council, North Lincolnshire County Council or other agecies as appropriate.
6. We will publicise the local Haxey walks and the National Network together with local facilities for walkers.
7. We will encourage other towns and villages to become accredited in particular those in our local area.
8. We will engage with the community, businesses, relevant groups and local authorities to support these aims.

1. Membership shall be open to any individual, business or interested parties that share aims and objectives. Physical or mental disability will be no barrier to membership.
2. We will keep a register of contact information, in particular e-mail addresses of members and interested parties for the purpose of circulating minutes, notices and newsletters. This will be available to Committee members for Haxey WaW purposes only.

1. Haxey WaW shall be operated as a not-for-profit organisation. We may organise events and activities and we will set out to raise funds in order to further the objects to support the aims above.
2. All the resources of Haxey WaW shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims and objectives

Haxey WaW will be managed by a committee to be appointed annually in November which will consist of anybody supporting our aims and objectives to a normal maximum of eight people. If more than eight people wish to serve then election will be through a vote of the members. The number of votes for each member will be decided at the AGM normally equal to the number of committee places available.
The Officers of the Committee shall be :-
The Chair
The Vice Chair
The Honorary Treasurer
The Honorary Secretary
•The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members onto the Committee with the approval of a two-thirds majority of the Committee. This may be a temporary measure for special events or to bolster the committee numbers.
•It is considered beneficial to include at least one representative of Haxey Parish Council on the Committee.
•The Committee shall decide how roles and duties shall be shared to meet our aims and objectives.
•Haxey WaW Committee shall meet a minimum of four times per year including the AGM.
•The committee will be quorate if at least three members are present, including either the chair or vice chair.
•Haxey WaW will endeavour to hold their AGM in January with at least 14 days notice to the membership. The purposes of this meeting are:
a) to receive and adopt the audited accounts for the financial year ended on the previous 31st December.
b) to receive and adopt the report of the Chair on the work of the Steering Group for the previous year, and to receive an outline of the anticipated activities for the forthcoming year,
c) to appoint auditors, and
d) to transact such other business as may properly be brought before it.
•Any four members of the Committee may call an extraordinary meeting of Haxey WaW.

1. Haxey WaW financial year shall commence 1 January and run to 31 December.
2. The Treasurer shall keep proper financial records and shall report at each committee meeting and at the AGM.
3. Accounts shall be subject to independent financial review at the end of the financial year.
4. All money received shall be paid into a bank account in the name of Haxey WaW.
5. Cheques shall be signed and BACS transfers approved by two members of the Committee who are not related.

1. This constitution may be amended in accordance with the approval of a two-thirds majority of the full Committee providing it does not contravene National Network criteria.
2. The proposal of any amendment must be circulated to the whole membership with the appropriate Committee agenda with one week’s notice.

1. The committee may dissolve Haxey WaW with a two-thirds majority of all the members.
2. Any assets left after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be applied to purposes in keeping with the objects of WaW.
3. All books and documents of WaW shall be placed with such a person or organisation for safe keeping as the meeting shall decide.

Signatures of the committee officers present: