Walk directions

This 3K linear walk will take you along the old railway track, across open fields and around Rush Furlong Nature Reserve, a wild flower meadow owned by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

A  Start at the gated entrance to the old railway track (Bridleway 119) which is on the High Street between Malborough Avenue and Lowcroft Avenue. There is a notice board on the right, produced by Haxey Parish Council which will tell you more about the history of the line. The building at the start of the track on your left, used to be the Stationmaster’s House.

B At the first railway bridge you pass under, take the steep steps up to your right.

C Take the tarmac path ahead, (Bridleway 97) away from the bridge until you reach the Epworth Road (A161).

D Cross the busy road carefully and carry on along the wide track (Bridleway 97) after passing a sign marked Walkabout Farm.

E  Stay on this main track and as you pass under some electrical cables take the path to your left marked with a white arrow on a green background.

F After a short distance along this track, you will come to a white sign marked Rush Furlong Nature Reserve. This is followed by an information board explaining the Trust’s conservation work in this area and highlighting some of the wildlife you can look out for.

G  Follow the arrows along the path which goes around Rush Furlong until you come back to the track.

H Retrace your footsteps down and across the busy road and back to the railway bridge. Go down the steep steps then turn left going back to the gate where you started. You may still see signs that there used to be a level crossing on this road.

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Rush Furlong Nature Reserve map Rush Furlong Nature reserve walk directions



Walk map

Haxey Walkers - Walk around Rush Furlong Nature Reserve click on the link below to download the PDF

Rush Furlong Nature Reserve map Click to download PDF for printing