Haxey Walkers Annual General Meeting

Agenda Wednesday 27th January by ZOOM

1.  Those attending

2.  Minutes of the previous AGM of January 2020

(notes from the last AGM are attached below

3.  Chairman’s Report of 2020

4.  Finance report of 2020 including current standing.

5.  Election of Officers for 2021


Vice Chairman



Committee Members

7.  Ongoing financial planning. Use of the IoAHC grant and the grant from the Coop. Costs – insurance, domain name, post notices

8.   Website – stats and function

9.   Rights of way improvements – proposal from Stuart Knowles attached.

10. Initiatives for 2021

11. AOB

Roger Linsell


2020 AGM notes

Notes from Haxey Walkers Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 22 January at 8.00 pm

1. Attending were John Smedley, Roger Linsell, Alyson Linnegar, Michelle Peake, Pete Smith 2. Apologies from John Hinchcliffe, Jan Smith, David Harris

3. Minutes of the last AGM of January 2019 were accepted. Moved by Alyson Linnnegar and seconded by Michelle Peake

4. The Chairman’s report is attached. 5. The finance report is attached

6. All officers were re-elected. Moved by Alyson Linnnegar and seconded by Michelle Peake. These are:

Vice Chair Secretary
Treasurer Committee member Committee member Committee member

John Smedley Peter Smith Roger Linsell Alyson Linnegar Michelle Peake Janet Smith John Hinchcliffe

7. The constitution is updated to remove reference to our affiliation to the National body of Walkers are Welcome. The amended constitution is attached.

8. Financial planning. The receipt of a Coop grant of £637 is very gratefully received and completely removes the pressure on our finances and we anticipate that it will cover the running costs and insurance for three years. Many thanks to those who voted for us and to all the contributors. Our IoAHC grant which has covered some of our cost during the last two years will run out in June. We propose that we use the unspent capital to produce a full colour information board on a plinth, particularly since this falls within the remit of the IoAHC and the terms of this grant.

We would like to hear of any suggestions of environmental or historical topics appropriate to the parish. Suggestions so far are:
The history of Low Burnham particularly referencing its role as a pilgrimage site.
The natural history of Haxey Turbary.

The history of the long development and fairly swift decline of hemp and flax production and associated rope, canvas and linen production.

9. Website – continues to see regular us. Sample statistics from the thirty days prior to the meeting are attached.

10. Further rights of way and signposting improvement; suggestions are welcomed. A way sign is required from The High Street to vicars trod and another from Greenholme Bank to Haxey Turbary.

11. The provisional programme (depending on booking venues) of our community walks for 2020 is:

Saturday 28th March at 10.30 from Westwoodside. Friday 19th June at 7.00pm from Westwoodside Saturday 5th September at 10.30 from Haxey Monday 28th December at 10.30 from Haxey

All routes to be decided depending on conditions.

It was also suggested that we may run additional walks on a different theme. Perhaps two simultaneously, one a little longer and more challenging but finishing at the same time or we could run extra walks on additional dates. We will ask for views on the next community walk.

The meeting closed at 9.15

Footpath proposal – Mr Stuart Knowles

The restrictions that we have lived with these past months have caused my wife and I to make extensive use of the footpath network, I doubt that we have missed any within the Haxey Parish and caught several in Epworth, Misterton and beyond.

In Haxey we are able to enjoy an extensive network of footpaths but I want to suggest that there is one missing.  The two best views in the whole parish are in my humble opinion, those from the top of Haxey Carr / Coneygarth where the panorama extends from Ferrybridge around almost to Scunthorpe and then the equally impressive views from the path alongside the Water Tower towards Lincoln, Clumber Park and Sheffield.  The great pity is that there is no link between Cross Hill and the Water Tower except by road.

There was such a link for many years, indeed at one time it was marked with a ‘Footpath’ finger post.  I have research into this path, for every map which shows the path there is one which does not.  None record it as a public right of way.  At the time that it was in existence it ran within feet of the door of the house which preceded the bungalow now present, and left the property along their driveway exiting onto Cross Hill. I would not seek to re establish this old path. The route would be an untenable intrusion into the privacy of the residents of the bungalow.

However, the Parish Council are now custodians of the Hood Field.  The Hood Field extends halfway between Cross Hill and Tower Hill.  I confess that at this moment, I do not know who owns the remaining field between the Hood Field and the road. I have considered making an approach to the Parish Council with a request that they consider adding a permissive path, keeping well away from the bungalow and its gardens, but a path which crosses the Hood Field and that an approach be made to the remaining landowner seeking permission to complete the link onto  Tower Hill.

Such an approach to the Parish Council would carry considerably more weight if it were to enjoy the support of the Haxey Walkers Group.  Can I propose that Haxey Walkers add their support to the creation of a footpath  between Cross Hill and the water tower.

Website activity

As you can see from this snapshot of the website statistics visit numbers are variable but overall we now have an average of about 500 visits per month. The numbers increased significantly with advertising on the finger posts.