Longer walk 3

  • Longer Walk 3 ABOUT 9.5KM / 6MILES 2HR 30M

      A Start by walking 50m up the narrow road opposite the church and then turn sharp right onto the lane.

      B Walk down the lane about 300m until you reach a road which you cross and take the almost immediate turn on your right down a short road. Turn right again and then almost immediately left onto Blackmoor Road.

      C After about 150m this road turns right onto Marlborough Road. Ignore this turn and walk straight on across the old rail line and onto a footpath. Carry straight on until you meet the main A161, Epworth Road which you cross, walking up the track immediately opposite.

      D The track rises up for about 250m and then forks, you taking the right fork. The track to the left is not a right of way.

      E After a short while you pass a small wooded area, along the border of a field and then a few houses (this is East Lound). Walk straight on until the path meets a T junction where you turn left.

      F The path heads north up a gentle slope turning slightly to the left and then back to the right until you meet a junction with a broad track, where you turn left.

      G The track takes you past a large farm at High Burnham, walking past the gates you will turn left on the second of two signposted tracks. (It would be no disaster to take the first, as you can see on the map the two run back together.)

      H The path varies in width taking you along field boundaries until meeting a broad track (you are now following a major cross country route called The Peatlands Way) where you turn right, walking back towards the main A161.

      I At the road you cross onto the footpath, turn left and then immediately right onto the Nooking.

      J Staying on your right hand side of the road walk down past the primary school, over the old rail line and about 50m further on take your next right onto a wide track.

      K Follow this as it veers to the left, taking the left fork, eventually you reach a metalled road where you cross straight over.

      L Walking past Cherry Tree farm you follow the track for about 200m at which you turn left onto a path through the trees, turning left again at the T junction with another track.

      M On reaching the narrow metalled road turn left once more following the road around. The Church starting point is in clear view.