Longer Walk 2 – about 5.5 miles / 9Km

  • Start on the narrow road slightly uphill opposite the church going up and around the left hand bend.
  • Walk further up the slope past the fields until you reach houses on your right. Opposite the narrow road on your left there is a footpath on the right alongside the houses, take this right hand path.
  • Follow the path down the slope until you reach a broad track where you turn left.
  • After about 1Km turn (first) right. After about 400m the path divides and you take the left hand fork. Continue on until you reach a narrow metalled road, Greenholme Bank (only farm and quarry traffic) where you turn right.
  • With gravel ponds on your left the tarmac surface finishes changing to a rough track. Look for a turning on your right with a bar to prevent motor access.
  • Taking this right turn through Haxey Turbary (a SSSI area) walk through the woods until reaching a gate where the track becomes broader and then eventually a potholed tarmac road. Once completely clear of the woods, walk on another 200m until you take the first path on your right.This is about 50m before Skyer’s Farm.
  • Continue south along field boundries past Haslam’s farm (Lots of old agricultural machinery) walking slightly uphill until you meet the main wide track where you turn left again. (You should recognise this junction since you passed in earlier)
  • After walking about 700m with farm buildings on your left take a sharp right up a narrow fenced track and then across two fields. Reaching a broad track you go immediately across down a narrow track between the houses. Reaching the road look to the right where you see the church starting point and a short distance to the left is the King William public house.