This is a circular walk of approximately 12k, from the start of Haxey Old Railway Track to Epworth and back. It can be muddy at times, so stout footwear is recommended.

To download an easily printed PDF with photos of the key turning points click on this link

Epworth Walk 12k

  A  Start at the gate leading onto the Old Railway track off High Street. (Photo 1)

  B  After a short distance, turn right up some steps (Photo 2 ) and follow the path ahead to the road [BW 97]

  C  Cross the road [A161]and take the track directly in front of you, until you reach a small copse, where you turn right. (Photo 3)

  D  Continue on this track until you reach the old air-strip on the left. You will be able to see an old windsock in the distance! Turn left here [FP61] (Photo 4)

  E  This track winds around but eventually you will reach a small bridge on the right (Photo 5). Once you have crossed the bridge, follow the track to the top of the hill.  

  F  At the top, turn left (Photo 6) and just near the farm, take the turn to the right [FP 61] (Photo 7). You will notice a Parish Council information board here telling you about the annual Festival of the Plough.

  G  Follow this track, which firstly turns left and then right. It is clearly way-marked.

  H  When the track turns left again [this time towards Low Burnham] take the path across a field that goes directly on Photo 8). You will cross a ditch at the end of this field and then need to turn left.

  I  This track leads around a copse on your right. Go around the copse and turn right.(Photo 9)

  J  Shortly the track turns left. Look out for the signpost.

  K  Keep following this track all the way into Epworth, crossing a couple of fields and bringing the derelict windmill into view.(Photo 10)

  L  Eventually you will reach a gate which leads onto the Owston Ferry/ Epworth road where you turn left.(Photo 11)

Note: Epworth is famous for being the home of the Wesleys  and you will pass the Rectory where they lived (Photo 12). It is open at times to the public (Photo 13) and has a room rumoured to be haunted!! There are also a number of very pleasant tea-rooms and Hatty’s Tea Room welcomes dogs with well behaved owners!

  M  From the Market Square, take the snicket (Photo 14), through the car-park, across the road and take Pashley Walk next to Parkin Butchers which is directly in front of you.

  N  At the bottom, cross the A161 and enter Fieldside. Take the third turning left into Birchfield Road which will bring you to Haxey Primary school.

  O  Follow the path that runs along the front of the school (Photo 15) and at the end of the path, take the track directly in front.

  P  Take the next right turn to join a lower track and turn left.

  Q  Shortly, turn right along the side of a field and towards some woodland.(Photo 16)

  R  At the end of this track, there is a tunnel. Do not go under the tunnel but climb to the path, on the left.(Photo 17)

  S  Follow the old railway track, initially through woodland and then onto track. Do not take any turns off this track. At one point the track veers down to the right and then climbs back up to meet the old railway line where a bridge has been removed.

  T  When you reach the end, near Haxey Primary school, cross the road and take the footpath ahead, that runs at the side of the school. Follow this track, which will bring you back to the start.

The starting point on Low Street Haxey as it was 100 years ago. For more old photos of the parish click here


Haxey level crossing