Last committee meeting notes

Committee meeting Monday 24 June at 7.00pm in the Hood Room, Haxey Memorial Hall

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from 6th March
  3. Matters arising
  4. Organisation for the next walk on July 6th
  5. Co-op Community Champions - outcome.
  6. Funding sources, costs and membership
  7. Footpath maintenance ( John has a meeting with NLC on 18th June )
  8. AOB


Summary notes of the committee meeting on 6 March 2019.

Apologies from John Hinchliffe and John Smedley

The minutes from the last meeting were approved

Matters arising

• The financial statement has still to be officially inspected and approved. John Hinchliffe has offered to be the responsible person.

• Paul and Sheena Ballard have resigned from the committee.

• Links to other walking websites have been improved but there are only a few others locally who have websites and who therefore can place links back to us. The “hit rate” on our website, is around 70 per month and if that continues to improve it may be worth seeking local advertising.

Haxey and West Woodside Heritage Society

Liz Berry the secretary of the Haxey and West Woodside Heritage Society attended our meeting to discuss the connection between the two groups. She has provided a wealth of information on the history of the parish which we will gradually try to add to our website and walk descriptions, linking to the places that walkers may go by. We have added a page to our website on behalf of the Heritage Society listing their meetings and with links to photographs and articles.

Public Liability Insurance

After a brief discussion we all agreed that we should take public liability insurance through Zürich Insurance company. This is the company that has links with the national WaW. The annual premium is almost exactly £100 per year. We have just sufficient funds to pay this but Peter has offered to approach the Choir financial fund for a contribution towards the cost.

Our next community walk

• On Saturday 16 March. We will begin and end the walk at Haxey Memorial Hall with refreshments at the end. In an attempt to avoid muddy shoes on the floor we intend to buy overshoes.

• Michelle will advertise through Facebook.

• A few notices will be put out around the parish.

• John Smedley and Roger Linsell will check out possible routes a few days before the actual event.

The summer walk

Will be on Saturday, 6 July with a preparatory committee meeting on 26 June.

Haxey preschool

Who are based in the Memorial Hall have written to us asking for advice on a short walk during the Easter holiday. We have responded with suggestions and said that we will help wherever possible.

Points of information

• On 13 April at 10 o'clock from the Memorial Hall carpark there will be a litter picking group organised by CPRE. Volunteers would be very welcome.

• A new Heritage Trail information board has been put up by the church and the information board by West Woodside Pond will be replaced shortly.

• The annual return to the national Walkers are Welcome group made by John Smedley was judged to show excellent progress. It’s good to avoid the naughty step.

• We have again been selected for the shortlist for the Co-op community champions. The voting meeting will be held at the western rooms Gainsborough on Tuesday, 9 April at 6 PM please request everyone and anyone to ask family and friends were members of the Lincolnshire Co-op to vote for us online at:

Last AGM meeting notes

Haxey Parish “Walkers are Welcome” Group latest meeting agenda and/or meeting notes

Annual General Meeting 16 January at 7.00 pm in Haxey Memorial Hall

Annual General Meeting of Haxey Parish Walkers are Welcome

Wednesday 16 January 2019


1   Attending: John Smedley, John Hinchcliffe, Michelle Peake, Alyson Linnegar, Roger Linsell, Sheena Ballard, Paul Ballard, Peter Smith, Janet Smith, Janet Linsell

2   Minutes for 18 January 2018 were accepted.

Election of officers  All current committee members and officers were confirmed

Chair John Smedley

Vice Chair Peter Smith

Secretary Roger Linsell

Treasurer Alyson Linnegar

Committee member Michelle Peake

Committee member Janet Smith

Committee member        John Hinchcliffe

Committee member        Sheena Ballard

Committee member        Paul Ballard

3   Chairman’s report  Accepted as full and accurate by the meeting. Copy attached here:Chairman report 2019

4   Amendment to the constitution To allow a financial report for a complete calendar year the point 6(a) The AGM will be held in January (rather than November)

5  Financial report  The treasurer presented the financial report which was accepted by the meeting (copy attached). As required by the constitution, (3. Accounts shall be subject to independent financial review at the end of the financial year) the report will be verified by Sheena Ballard. A copy of the Finance report is here:HWaW financial statement for 2018

When complete we will apply to The Landscape partnership to recover the cost of The Greenway information board and expenses for the last two walks and hall meeting charges.

6   Walk risks and insurance  (from AOB) but connected to the financial report. We discussed the need for insurance cover. Concern was expressed about our liability. The Chairman and Secretary will make enquiries of the national organisation but we think that insurance cover is likely to be beyond our means. We may have to be explicit before the start of a walk that the conditions of walking are clearly upon each participants own risk.

7   Website  Reasonable progress has been made in publishing walks (ten so far) almost all with maps, descriptions and photos of major features and turning points. Some progress has also been made on presenting historical photographs that can be linked to the walks.

We are hoping that we will shortly be able to access more information with help from The Heritage Society, in particular, the secretary, Liz Berry. (As an aside the Heritage Society is holding an Open Day in the Memorial hall on the 13th April where they will hold a display of their archive material.)

It may be possible to take some (paid) advertising from local businesses when we can demonstrate a reasonable hit rate on the site.

It may be useful to exploit a link from The South Axholme medical practise for those who wish to meet others in the community and take light exercise. The PPG will make contact

8   Annual report to the national Walkers are Welcome has been almost completed by the Chairman. We aim to send it before the end of January.

9   Community Champion application to the Co-op will for funding for additional information boards on The Greenway and in Westwoodside. There is already a plinth in position near Low Burnham and North Lincs have several spare plinths in stock so the costs are those of printing the boards and installation.

10  Future public rights of way improvements  There are continuing problems with missing and damaged fingerposts which John Smedley is pursuing through the Parish Council. We suspect that the problems are financial. May suggest using simple posts with the yellow and green arrow signs.

11  Programme of walks confirmed as March 16th and then June, September and December. Discussion about a historical or natural history themed walk which we will consider during the year.

The suggestion was made and generally welcomed, that one or two from the committee would seek to introduce themselves before and during a walk, to “new” walkers who may otherwise feel left out.

12 Next committee/ordinary meeting will be on March 6th at 7.00pm in Haxey Memorial Hall.

We expect the agenda to include feedback on insurance, invitation to the Chair of the Heritage Society and arrangements for the walk on March 16th including the introductory remarks required and the introduction of new walkers.

Roger Linsell


Chairmans and financial reports are here: Chairman report 2019      HWaW financial statement for 2018

As a reminder, the constitution of the group is here