Meeting information and decision notes from 7th March 2018

Haxey Parish “Walkers are Welcome” Group latest meeting agenda and/or meeting notes

Annual General Meeting 16 January at 7.00 pm in Haxey Memorial Hall  The notes from the 2018 Annual GM and a copy of the constitution are here
Everyone is welcome

Haxey Parish Walkers are Welcome - meeting notes Wednesday 5th December

Attending: John Smedley, John Hinchcliffe, Michelle Peake, Alyson Linnegar, Roger Linsell, Sheena Ballard, Paul Ballard, Peter Smith

Apologies:  Jan Smith

Minutes from 15th August accepted


  • Capital in the bank is nearly £40. This is a small working capital, however our outgoings for venue hire and walk costs are met by the grant from The IoAHC Landscape Partnership for the next 20 months. The costs can be claimed on presentation of receipts.
  • The financial statement has to be checked by “a responsible person” which Sheena Ballard has kindly agreed to do.
  • The end of the year statement will be presented to the AGM.

Next walk on Saturday December 29th at 10.30.

Suggestion made but the route is weather dependant since some tracks are very muddy. John S and Roger will walk the path and make a final decision the day before.

Links and advertising

  • Notices for the next walk are being distributed.
  • Michelle has kindly offered to maintain our facebook page.
  • Roger will email local walking groups with our details, also North Lincs CC and Walking for Health. Where appropriate these links will be added to our website.

Footpath maintenance.

  • Some finger posts repaired / installed, but not all.
  • The Parish Council have to obtain three quotes for any job referred to North Lincolnshire (Dave Sanderson)
  • It was brought to our attention that the finger post at junction of FP 84 and FP 75 needs securing and some are missing on FP 87
  • Dave Sanderson will provide finger posts and arrow discs but installation would be up to us or the Parish Council.


  • Some pages on the website have been rewritten on being moved to a new host.
  • More walks to be published and updated during the next few months.

The new information board

  • To be placed on the Greenway (old rail line) should be delivered by mid January. The cost is being met by the IoAHC Landscape Partnership.
  • The plinth for the board is one being reused so already in place, many thanks to Colin Matthias for dismantling and refurbishing.

Walk dates for 2019

March 16th (to be preceded by a committee meeting) and then late June, September, December.


Paul and Sheena Ballard accepted an invitations to join.


On Wednesday 16th January at 7.00pm, in Haxey Memorial Hall. Agenda to follow.

Roger Linsell


As a reminder, the constitution of the group is here